Biggin Hill ACC & Fare-Paying Passengers-Concerns

Flightpath Watch is aware that Biggin Hill Airport Ltd (BHAL) is preparing once again to submit an application to Bromley Council to allow fare-paying passengers, which will inevitably bring more airplanes to our area. As a supporter of Flightpath Watch, you will be aware that the Lease between the Council and BHAL specifically precludes fare-paying passengers and this condition remains in the Lease even after the amendments which were allowed in 2016.

Nevertheless, BHAL continues to try to overturn this clause, in spite of a High Court ruling in 2001 which upheld the Lease on this important point. At this crucial time, when the revised Noise Action Plan (NAP) is being considered by the Council and the 50,000 cap on flight movements appears to have been lost, we fear that the Council might try to compromise, when no compromise is possible.

It is very likely that we will soon ask for your help on the issues surrounding the NAP review, but, meanwhile, in this letter, we are addressing the fact that the request to the Council to allow for fare-paying passengers will be supported by Biggin Hill Airport Consultative Committee (BHACC). Flightpath Watch has for some time been aware of the bias towards the Airport within the BHACC, which is supposed to be an independent body. There are serious concerns about the independence and representation of the BHACC and we believe that its views should not influence the Council in the important decision regarding fare-paying passengers.

Please see below a link to our recent letter to the Council and also a link to a letter from the Aviation Environment Federation (AEF) voicing their more general concerns about ACCs.

Download Flightpath Watch letter to Leader of Bromley Council

Download AEF letter

Best regards
Flightpath Watch Ltd