Residents are trying to co-habit with the Airport, but the Airport does not want to co-habit with residents

Flightpath Watch was formed 25 years ago by a group of residents to represent the many thousands affected by operations at Biggin Hill Airport. We provide feedback to Bromley Council so that it can effectively mediate between residents and its tenant BHAL (Biggin Hill Airport Ltd) on matters pertaining to the Lease and how operations at the airport affect our lives.

Our aim is not to obstruct Biggin Hill Airport’s legitimate business, but to hold LBB true to the promises it made in order to mitigate the impact that the new operating hours would have (and are indeed having) on local residents, as well as monitoring any further  development. 

 For this purpose, we:

  • Engage with local residents to ensure that we fully represents their opinions and concerns 
  • Monitor further developments at the Airport 
  • Engage with Councillors of the London Borough of Bromley to ensure that the Council meets its obligations under the Lease and appended documents
  • Make Councillors aware of the noise mitigation measures that could help
  • Oppose any changes to the terms of the Lease Agreement between London Borough of Bromley (Landlord) and Biggin Hill Airport Ltd (Lessee) which have the potential to threaten the environment and quality of life of Bromley residents
Flightpath Watch Ltd - Constitution
Flightpath Watch Ltd is a limited company, incorporated on 2 February 2018, to take over the work done by Flightpath Watch, an unincorporated body formed to act where and when necessary to protect and improve the environment, amenity and quality of life of residents living under the flightpath or close to Biggin Hill Airport, London.